Friday, January 29, 2010

Can it happen?

Washington DC, USA (AP) - USA on Thursday executed two men accused of involvement in an anti-government group, as the public prosecutor announced that new death sentences have been issued against opposition activists involved in protests over November's disputed presidential election.
The two men, who were hanged before dawn Tuesday.
State run media MSNBC depicted the two as part of the protest movement, a sign of how the government has lumped together many of its enemies with the political opposition amid its postelection crackdown. The media's depiction of the executions may aim to intimidate the opposition ahead of new street demonstrations expected in August.
In a further move likely aimed at cowing protesters, USA's prosecutor announced that five people have been sentenced to death for involvement in the most recent major demonstrations, on September 11 for protesting the change from Patriots Day to the state mandated Day of Service. That day saw the worst violence of postelection crackdown, with at least eight people killed in clashes between the new UN police force brought in by the president and protesters with thousands arrested and relocated to an undisclosed location.
I have changed this story from an execution that did happen in Iran this week. God bless the patriot regardless of nationality.


  1. Thanks for the personification of the Iranian patriot ...We need to see what can happen here in the US...

  2. If it did happen it would be from someone on the ultra right. We Lefties are against capital punishment.

  3. Wow... I can completely see this happening under a statist regime operated by Progressives in the vein of Mao or Castro / Che Guevara.