Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Greatest Living President...

I will be the first to admit "I DO NOT KNOW IT ALL!"


I'm learning... and reading.... and listening to all.

I recently heard a name I had never paid attention to, though I am sure he has been in the news many of times. The man above is Czech President Vaclav Klaus.  And except for not being an American... he has the heart of our founders in every sense (even in his love for a good ale it seems!)
While the last 100 years or so we have been running away from our founder's vision of freedom and inalienable rights, this man has been pushing his country towards them. Google him... read, learn, study and pass it on. BTW he thinks Al Gore is an idiot. He already is my hero!

"Privatization of the state-owned economy is not yet on the agenda. We cannot do it immediately; my colleagues would not agree to it. But we must put all forms of ownership on an equal footing immediately and let different types of ownership compete with the state firms."


  1. Great post. You are right on the mark!

    Freedom is breaking out where it can.

  2. Thanks Rattler. Hopefully the network of patriots will continue to grow and influence the course of history for our great Nation.

  3. I understand it is breaking out in Georgia as well. Too bad it is the Republic of Georgia and not the State!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters or Liberty Unite!!!

  4. Thank you for the introduction to a freedom lover from another country - it has to give us in the US courage...

  5. To all...
    When others take the knowledge of our founders and implement it in the land they call home... that is the essence of true nation building!