Monday, January 18, 2010

Palin "Sly as a FOX"

A left of center friend of mine (Truth101) recently ran a post titled "Sarah Palin - Stupid as a FOX". Naturally a title like that will stir the natives... and I think it's now approaching 100 replies. Dang, I'm lucky to get 5. Not to worry. I was able to fend them all off. :)

His title though is inaccurate as to the true saying. It is "Sly as a Fox". Hunters picked this foe because of the challenge and the likelihood of their(the hunter's) defeat.  Farmers built their hen houses to repel this enemy whose craftiness exceeded many a builder.  And  now the conservatives have not just Sarah... but other "We the People" Americans ready to reclaim the country of our founders. And the progressive sit back and howl... "they're all just stupid tea baggers."... and apparently we're just stupid pickup truck owners as "O" the fearless one yelped about this weekend in ole Mass.

If you get a chance, go to the post and read the replies against her. Illiterate, evil, stupid and brainless seem to be the rally cry. Even "so called conservatives" are quick to point out why this mother of five doesn't represent the elite who they believe should rule and lead. Talking points from this group come strait from SNL and since it is from NBC it must be fact. Words from Tina Fey became facts. Yet when you disprove the allegations, they always have their fall back chant "SHE QUIT AS GOVERNOR!" Facts matter not but let's compare the whole thing of job responsibilities and ignoring your elected job...

When Sara Palin came on the scene it was just over 2 months from the election. Yes left, just 68 or so days she was away from her state. The lieutenant governor took over the day to day concerns. Now look at the chosen one. He started his run for POTUS about 2 years before that. Wait a minute. He was elected to serve in the Senate... not to run full time for another office.  "But...but... but... he's the chosen one so it's not the same."  Really? He collected his check for an entire 2 years while spending about 5% of his time being Senator. Yes, McCain did the same thing. My feeling is if you are going to run for office for more than 6 months you need to step down. BOTH PARTIES. But that's on my wish list.

They still say she quit her office she was elected to. Yes.  But she put the state before her needs and knew the position she was in after the election would hurt Alaska more if she stayed. The establishment had her in their sites.  She had accomplished her energy plans of the gas line and knew her lieutenant governor to be an honorable replacement. She knew away from Alaska, she could make a greater impact in our quest for the return of citizen rule. So instead of retreating, lets just say she stepped back to reload. She put country and Alaska first.

Whether she runs or not in 2012, she is a sly fox that one. She continues to be a thorn in the progressive side. And she will continue to serve the country she loves until she decides to step aside. Not by the handlers of the current ruling class. Get use to her.

My hope... Palin/Bachmann 2012

Makes me smile!


  1. In your deluded right wing way, you deliver snark and insult as well as anyone Rattler. I dig that. We're not changing the world with our blogging so might as well have some fun.

    What you and you brethren fail to see is the underlying compliment I paid to Governer Palin.

    She didn't leave her post out of some grand sacrifice. Or that she "accomplished" anything that wouldn't have been done had she not been there.

    She doesn't travel the country trying to convince people that her book is a blueprint for a greater America or making speeches to Tea Partiers or being a contributor to FOX News in some vain effort to advance a conservative cause.

    She does it for the money. And that my friend, should make republicans proudest of all. It's not about making America better. It's about making money. Palin is as true a republican icon as Reagan. Make lots of money and demand a tax cut.

    Be proud of her Rattler.

  2. I would never diss you Truth. Yet I always find it interesting that you do not believe people can do things for a love of country without expecting to get something from it. Our founders pledged their lives and their fortunes for a cause. I believe there are many among us today that feel the same. But even so, why do you consider making money is always evil? Did you feel the same way when Barry used his run for president to hawk his book?