Wednesday, December 30, 2009

“ Duvergers Law” - Why you should not support a 3rd party.

I usually don't copy and paste but I thought this too important not to share. It is from Frank Anderson one of the founders of I-caucus a national group you need to be a part of. Check them out here. I-Caucus


Remember, not a single founding father wanted political parties, yet we saw 4 of the founders - John Adams, Alexander Hamilton,  Thomas Jefferson and James Madison - lead the  development of 2 parties into existence before Washington even completed his  first term.

Please Note: Those 4 founding fathers all wanted NO parties, but they immediately developed TWO parties...but not 3 or more parties.

Think about that:  Why would that be?  They wanted NO  parties...they could have set up as many parties as they wanted to...but they ended  up with just two.

Just like today...hmmm... Why would that be?

It’s because of “ Duvergers Law”

Bottom line: Whenever "50% of the vote plus 1 more" wins EVERYTHING, people will eventually coalesce around 2 parties  even when they DON'T want to do’s "Duvergers Law" and it’s almost as unchangeable as gravity.

Does anyone here think we are collectively or individually smarter than Adams, Hamilton, Jefferson, or Madison?

No offense to anyone here, but I sure don't think so....and if these 4 founding fathers couldn’t figure out how to overcome “Duverger’s Law”  then I PROMISE you that no one in 2010 is going to be able to do so.

HOWEVER...we proved in 2008 that we CAN act as a caucus within the 2 existing parties, and we CAN root out the compromised incumbents  from WITHIN the party...and we CAN take back control of the party from the  RINO's.

We will do it in 2010 all over the country because of all of our members just like you.Are you saying that if YOU decided to run in a Republican primary,  and we got behind you and we helped ELECT you and sent you to Washington...are  you telling me you would somehow turn into someone who would be un-constitutional and fiscally irresponsible just because you won as a  Republican or a Democrat?

Of course not. You would be as principled as you are right principled as Jason Chaffetz is who we PROVED we could help elect in  2008, not as an independent candidate, but as a Republican and now he is in Washington and he is NOT acting like a RINO...he is the most principled elected official sent to Washington in years.

Well, that’s what we’re doing here...we’re finding very good principled 3rd party candidates just like you...and we’re going to help them win in the primaries and we’re going to send them to Washington as Republicans or Democrats ( we don’t care which, because we don’t care what party someone belongs to) where they can actually be constitutional and be fiscally responsible.

Meanwhile, those who insist on running as independent candidates and refuse to get serious about actually winning will all draw 2% to 3% of the vote (give or take 2 %) and be sitting in their living rooms in 2011 not doing themselves or the nation any good.

Why would you choose to limit yourself like that when you can win instead? 

The Founding Fathers couldnt help a 3rd party candidate win. I-caucus can not help a 3rd party candidate win. YOU cannot help any 3rd party candidates win.

Do you want more incumbents like Ron Paul, Jason Chaffetz, and Jim DeMint? Then welcome, we're going to accomplish just that.


  1. First of all, thanks for coming over to my blog and becoming a follower. I always enjoy meeting like minded people. I am positive we are not a minority. We just need to find our voice, get on point and stay there. You are so right, a third party will not help us at all. Especially the Conservative voter. It will split us and give the majority to the Libs every time. I cannot understand why otherwise intelligent people cannot figure this out. I sometimes think it is something encouraged by the enemy (Libs). Keep up the good work, and I will be back to visit often.

  2. Rattler, just wanted to let you know I linked to your site from Libertarian Republican, and added you to my daily read. Along with you and Dondero, I am a former Navy man who served during the tail end of the Viet Nam war.

    Yours In liberty,

  3. Happy New Year Gramma and Will. Welcome to the revolution!

  4. Sound advice for people on both sides of the aisle Rattler. Well done.

  5. Trouble is- 1/2 of me likes most of the Constitutionally bent things Ron Paul has to say...
    I'm talking the original intent--- Constitution not the 'living''breathing' one...

    As always-i enjoy your takes...Rattler....