Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fight! Dammit.... FIGHT!!!

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” –Sam Adams

Unlike the house, the senate gives favor  to the minority to hold up legislation it deems worrisome. YET NOT ONE REPUBLICAN HAS STOOD UP AND YELLED "I OBJECT!" TO  ANYTHING THAT IS IS HAPPENING. From new debt ceilings to progressive health care... nothing... NOTHING! Just bitching on FOX. Nothing where it matters. Just a bunch of castrated bastards. Hannity busts our chops  every time some among us say there is no difference between the two parties. In a way he is right. These present rinos are worse!

I want to fight. FIGHT! NO HOLDS BARRED. They are thieves... every last one. If they won't... we'll take it back.

I'll bring the tar, you bring the feathers.


  1. Thanks for putting the fire of freedom in my belly again, sir! Spot on!

    We're Americans, for cryin' out loud, and I'm tired of swallowing the slops they're shoving down our throats, saying, "Oh, Baby loves Socialism, don't you?"

    Elections be hanged, I want real responsibility!

    Debate be hanged, I want real answers!

    Demonstrations be hanged, I want real solutions!

    I'm tired of it, sir!

  2. S2, Kansas has two republican senators. I would be hounding them everyday. I would be telling all of my friends and fellow patriots in Kansas to hound them every day. TO STAND UP AND MAKE A RUCKUS IF THEY TRULY BELIEVE IN CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM. I'm stuck here in progressive california with the two marxists with no souls. And I have to rely on you and other patriots to stoke the fire of freedom under their asses... or force them to make people... Americans aware of the filth being piled on us... or to to step aside so we clean house. NOW! Thank you S3.

  3. Great irony here Rattler. I'm pissed at Obama, Rahm and Reid for sucking up to Republicans and LIEberman.

    What is it about Washington DC that causes our elected officials to lose their balls and stand up for what they're say they believe when campaigning?