Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where is your line in the sand?

Over the last many weeks, I have had to wonder... when is enough, enough? When does the stench from the nation's 'CRAPITOL' ( even in an epic snow storm) get so bad that we can't take it anymore? Where is that point for you?  What do you think will have to happen to convince patriots that this isn't politics, but an out right attack on our very existence?  My opinion... we have domestic enemies that have not only stepped over 'my line' but they have picked up a handful of sand and have thrown it in our face. Not all terrorists wear explosive backpacks and speak arabic. Some wear suits and have titles like congressman, senator... and some even answer as mr. president.


  1. Sir, you are, again, a breath of fresh air.

    Why don't we make an armed march on Washington? I don't mean like an execution squad or anything, but a show of force.

    No more tea parties... the elite love tea parties.

  2. You're confusing "terrorist" with "terrible" Rattler. While I don't think Obama has been president long enough for you to in good conscience call him terrible, I agre with that assessment of Congress. Both parties.

    Now if you and your man Son3 are willing to take your party back from the corporate shills that infest it, I would be willing to do the same with my party.

  3. Party? I don't need no stinkin' party.

  4. Truth, it always amazes me. Liberals are always so quick to partner corporate shills with conservatives. Really? Conservatism has always been about open and free markets with little government interference. We enjoy competition because everyone... EVERYONE wins. Liberals though are all about control and authority with one way to do things... their way. As with mega corporations they demand closed markets and do what they can to stifle free enterprise. As such I will argue that it is your party who has wall street as a soul mate.
    As with obama... terrorist don't always blow things up. Sometimes they yell fire in a theatre similar to "unless you pass this now the world is coming to an end!" Too many servants buy that crap.

    S3 - Last April 15th was the first time I ever protested anything in my life. It was the tea party movement that took me from the couch to the street. As such I... and other patriots of the nation can be thankful for them. I still volunteer for them today. While some have tried to capitalize on them, it still encompasses the conservative party and a belief that enough is enough. You said once you were considering running for local office. This is where our fight is for now I hope. Our survival depends on young patriots like you. But if and when the time is forced upon us (and they are pushing very hard), I will walk beside you down Pennsylvania Ave. to take our house and country back!

  5. There is a terrible temptation to use arms to remove the elitist and restore the Republic to full democracy. We should be cautious. If we go that route, we risk everything. Sometimes when force is used, things get better, but most times they get worse.

    No doubt the hardest times are ahead, no matter how Mr Obama leaves office. He will leave us in plenty of pain.