Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Offer it, and they will come. Wouldn't you?

A recent article by Pat Buchanan stated, 
"Why is Obama paralyzed? Why does he not enforce the law, even if he dislikes it, by punishing the business' who hire illegals and by sending the 12 million to 20 million illegals back home?"

Ok, that's a no brainer as to why he doesn't honor his oath.  (I wouldn't doubt he is rejoicing at the unrest unfolding in Arizona and counting the days until he can enact Marshall Law and suspend all this negative constitution stuff.)

But what I see in this statement... and hear from the pundits... is we can solve this if we just punish business.


Employment is only part of the cancer. Yes, verifying your status to an employer is important. We have a system in place now to e-verify every "legal" person in the country in just a matter of minutes. But it has been ruled by some 'judge god' to be overstepping civil rights.

The world wants to come here not because of our jobs.... but because of our services. Get across the border, hurt yourself (or just come injured or sick), pop out a baby... and you have it made. You don't even need a stink'n job.  Let's see what you can get for just breathing... (just don't be American, a legal immigrant and don't speak English)....

Section eight housing... (from my taxes)
Food stamps..  (from my taxes)
Public service plans for phone, water,  gas and electric (from MY phone, water, gas and electric bill... 25% of my bill goes to this thanks to our jackle of an ass governor)
Free education to all including junior college... with hot meals (from my property taxes)
FREE MEDICAL (tagged on to my taxes and added to my premiums, just don't be American or speak English)

All of these things are 'blessed upon' our visitors here at no cost. NO COST EXCEPT TO YOU AND I, THE 50% WHO HAVE TO PAY FOR IT ALL!


Those holding public office have no right to spend my money this way. They have no right to steal from me and then throw it away.  They have no right to destroy my kid's education and take from their future prosperity.They have no right to destroy our republic and call it change... 

... Until this bureaucratic cancer is cured by removing these thieves (both parties) from power, our country will DIE!

NOTE: It's not the illegal immigrant's fault. To them, this is Eden. Especially when compared to the *hit hole they are coming from. I don't blame them.  God commands me to love my neighbor. Most are good, decent people. And my heart goes out to them. I wish I could swap many of them for the trash we have here. 

I would much rather put our effort (military) and money in helping them clean up their casa down south, once and for all (yes, this instance I like the word nation build)... rather than to waste it on a decrepit religion and people across the globe who don't want us there anyways.

I will gladly give to those I deem worthy of my efforts... but I will not have it forced from me.  They use to hang horse thieves. And this is worse. Do not Tread... on Me!

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  1. Found On Lefty Blogs.
    Don't worry about the right staying silent. These lying jive turkeys have their story figured out now. They're trying to blame Obama and call the spill "Obama's Katrina."

    Can't wait till Monday to hear what the right wing liars club of Limbaugh, Beck and the rest comeup with


    I love it when the righties blame it on Obama and criticize him for being slow to react! They conveniently forget Katrina, Bush's 8 day absence, the warnings he had ignored from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about the potential for just such a disaster. They forget that Bush didn't even go to Texas City or Alaska when they had oil spills. Instead he called for a relaxation of environmental restrictions
    I have ABSOLUTELY NO Clue what these Idiot’s are Babbling about...
    So...the big question is...do we feel safer under Obama than we did with President Bush?