Sunday, April 11, 2010

Romney Wins Straw Poll

The author of the failed Mass. health system won the GOP straw poll this weekend. If the mind set of the republicans continue this way, it will... IT WILL force true conservatives in this country to a third party. He won by one vote over Ron Paul. Yes lines for the party have been drawn. With the differences between the two on just fundamental principles so far apart... compromise is not an option. The party of big government Romney is still just Obama light. That's something I have no taste for.


  1. Mitt in a way reminds me of my former governor Blagojevich. He will say anything if he thinks it pleases the audience in front of him.

    I'm glad you see this also and hope Romney wins the republican nomination in 2012. Then I can concentrate on getting Phil Hare reelected and not have to worry about Obama's.

  2. Conservatives let them take the Democratic party from then - once the home to Blue Collar Conservatives - now we're considering leaving the GOP.

    We should be chasing THEM!

    Fact is, the two major Parties should be split ideologically between the strict Constitutionalist Democrats (we'd have to eradicate the Liberal-Left to do that) and the Corporatist Republicans (all that would need would be for Conservative GOPers to merge with the Conservative Blue Dog Dems).

    Conservatives shouldn't be willing to accept the invitation to leave....let THEM leave.