Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Viva Arizona" by a San Diegan not represented by San Diego

Reaffirming their position as an open border, sanctuary city... the San Diego City Council yesterday passed a resolution 7-1 to condemn Arizona and their 'racist' policies. Imagine living in a city where life is so good (100's of millions in debt) that they could devote time to this really important splinter picking activity. The problem is they have failed at running their affairs so it only makes sense to screw with others and spread their stench. You know I can see places like Berkley doing crap like this, but it appalls me that an area that has been so infected and crippled by "illegal blight" and the continual downgrading of the quality of our life, that these inept servants of the people (joke), take it upon themselves to speak for everyone. Well... HELL NO! YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR ME.  What's the saying... all government is local. Yup, we're screwed top-down and bottom-up.

Arizona, not all of us are insane. Thank you for your stand. Until it's illegal, I will fly your flag in support while  living in the occupied territory of San Diego.



  1. it is time for all of us to go to Arizona for a vacation!! esp. we Californians!!

  2. Ha, thats funny because San Diego KNOWS the illegals can't afford to live there so they won't have any problems. I am taking my next vacation in Arizona!


  3. very nice thank all of you San Diegan's that support Arizona attempt to do what is right.
    You are welcome to visit, but becareful you might just like and stay like we did.
    Please just leave the California do-gooders that think they need to save every thing from every body, to many of those are moving here of late.
    By the way all of those voting to boycott Arizona we have some unwanted visitors that we can move into your house to live since you welcome all to come and stay for free.
    Oh by the way you can actually have choices of all race nad nationality types (illegal is not "Mexican" but from Canada, GB, Russia, Africa, France, Muddle East, Asia, and so on, we have seen them all).