Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning for the Republicans

The political cancers are slowly coming to the surface and being excised one by one. That is a great thing. I do not follow Utah politics much but was pleased to hear of the end of Bob Bennett (R) who was ousted by "Fresh Blood" in a rotting corpse called Washington. He made a comment that explains exactly why he and others like him, must go. He said looking back over some of the votes he has made, he would not of done things differently even though it cost him his career. "EVEN THOUGH IT COST HIM HIS CAREER" The problem in politics, is that many... most, feel as though their role is some life long calling. It should not be. It is a service... a sacrifice... a duty... but should never be a career. They are servants, not royalty. Mr. Bennett, best of luck at Walmart if they'll hire you.

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