Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why do we allow this to continue?

Democrats stop bid to send 6,000 troops to border

I have no doubt that if the founders were here today they would consider the progressives infesting our republic to be a greater threat/vermon/parasite/evil than that of King George.  They would in no way bow to this leadership. Even if faced with prison and/or injury. 
So why do we? 
Why do we allow them to place us in harms way?
The attacks on us are blatant. In the open. In OUR FACE!

Can we wait until November? How about until next week? How about tomorrow?


  1. My questions exactly.

    I think we're sharing brainwaves.

    Maybe it's just that we're both free men.

  2. Obama vows 'we will not rest' until oil spill cleaned up ..

    Did he not Rest on the first Vacation he took since this Spill?
    Now he's on his second vacation since the spill over a month ago and he decided since it was finally getting fixed he'd drop by and claim credit... I don't care who you are... If you complained about the Bush response to Katrina then you should be OUTRAGED at this... Are you?

  3. come 2012-let's make him 'vacation' permanently!!

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