Saturday, November 21, 2009

What do I tell my boys...



As a dad and Cub Scout leader, I along with the help of devoted parents, work hard to teach young boys the meaning of things such as honor and respect. No where in my opinion is this more important than giving reverence of our flag. On Thursday of this week my den went to the local library to start the process of replacing their flag. They knew it would be the last time this particular symbol of our nation would fly above our little town. As such they realized that this was a special time and these usually squirmy 8 year olds stood, saluted, recited the Pledge of Allegiance and remained for the entire event at attention. They know the meaning of honor.

Last night at our pack meeting our boys also had the privilege of being Color Guard. We had practiced with smaller flags as to the procedure. But when the time came we discovered the flags and poles were huge... and heavy. 4 foot boy - 9 foot wood pole and 8 foot cotton flag.  It took all their strength to keep their flags upright. Not one boy complained because they were too heavy. They knew what an honor it was. But they feared that somehow their flag would touch the ground. They know the meaning of respect.
This morning I found this picture at Nobody Asked Me of the President of the United States at a flag presentation on Veteran's Day. This man has no idea as to honor and respect. He is a disgrace. But I still have to tell my sons and our scouts that he deserves our respect. But that's a hard pill to swallow when at every step he shows nothing but contempt for our nation and constitution and the men and women who have sacrificed and continue to defend us.


  1. The Scouts are doing it right :-) I remember those days too! Scared to death I was gonna screw up... :-) Thanks for the link.

  2. Wow.. I grew up in scouting, so I know the feeling you describe your boys having. I too was frightened we'd allow a flag to touch the ground, and oh the disgrace that would bring upon me and my family...

    I'd say you could tell your boys that they are very respectful young men and that they should always respect the office of the presidency, but in cases like this when the man in that office does not show respect for our nation and her flag, it is okay to be ashamed for the man and of the man. Never the office.. always the person who shames the office.

    I bet they'll understand.

  3. I hope your sonachieves the awesome rank of Eagle..
    .bho never could - even if he tried....

  4. God Bless you, your boys, and the good parents with you.

    Your troop will grow up with good morals.

    See Ya