Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't celebrate too fast...

America is still on the ropes... and heading in the wrong direction... regardless of the bump last night. This is how I see it...

For the most part, the right slant over came the left slant by a margin of just 55 to 45. That means there are 55 of us still paying for not only our services, but also for those 45 who voted left. Worded differently, 45 out of 100 still expect everything to be provided for them by the sweat and sacrifice of the other 55. And they know their  vote will give it to them. They know their vote counts as much as ours. Victory for the right? I say no. At least not until the margin is 7 to 3 or even 8 to 2.

What we have still is a populace of giver and takers. And the takers are still there growing in numbers every day. This time they just stayed home playing video games or watching the View. The revolution is still facing us on the horizon. Don't loose focus. It's still ours to loose.

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