Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The most dangerous place in America.

The Fort Hood massacre got me thinking about if there really is any place you can be safe today. Reality is... no there's not. Some of the safest in theory, are actually the most dangerous in reality. The whole idea of 'gun free zones' is ludicrous... it is also evil. It is fiction. The actual name should be 'Protection Free Zones" because it is here you are totally defenseless. The pc groups over the last 40+ years have perpetuated this myth. I would happier to know that some of the staff, a couple teachers, a visiting parent and the janitor were able to be the first line of defense for our kids. Instead their rights and our kids rights to life have been stolen. Citizens.... no. Subjects.... yes.


  1. True, I always laugh when I see those protection zones on college campuses.

  2. As long as the poeple with the guns are responsible, law abiding citizens there is no problem with your stance Rattler. But of course we'll have to have government background checks on the gun carrers and that would make me happy as a liberal.

    We have achieved true bipartisanship here Rattler. Well done my good man.

  3. The only place where you're safe is in your own home, with an AK-47 leaning against your chair, and a 9mm in your lap.

    BTW...I have new digs. Please update your blogroll when you get a chance.

  4. tyrants from the beginning of time - always take away the ability and where-with-all to make or own weapons...thus- the Founders est. the Second Amendment...

  5. Bill - those signs just mean open season. These places I will avoid.

    Truth - My goal is to bring the lost into the light. Welcome!

    SB - Unacceptable. I would rather have a slug loaded 12 gauge next to my chair and a 45 in my lap. The 9mm can be my back up under the seat. Now I', ready to watch cops!

    CS - The founder gave it to us. It's up to us to exercise and keep it. Are you up to it?