Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Timeline in the gulf... Failure is an option!

Early March
Blown gasket occurs to the Blow Out Preventer being installed on Deep Horizon platform - they did not notify MMS - against policy. No action taken when discovered.

April 1
Subcontractor on rig Halliburton notified Obama’s Mineral Management Services (MMS) that BP was using cement (mud) around the casing improperly against norm standards and below industry safety levels.. Obama’s appointed head of MMS (a Harvard community organizer attorney with no oil experience) over ruled Halliburton’s objection and granted BP a permit to continue.

April 9
Halliburton once again objects to BP using only a single lined casing. Wells at this depth and pressure require a minimum of 4 layers. All other 5,000 ft high pressure, ALL OTHER wells in gulf use this. Once again MMS over ruled Halliburton safety warning and issued a permit to use single wall casing. (The single layer is what eventually blew out)

April 19
Halliburton while conducting tests on the cement to be used on was stopped by BP. No tests were done to assure that the cement would bond correctly as time is money and money is…. well it was already spent by BP as the largest oil contributor to Obama’s 2008 campaign. Coincidence?

April 20
Well blows up

April 22
At the collapse of the rig, CNN confirms oil leaking.

April 23
Obama through spokesman at Coast Guard claims there is no leak. Nothing to see here. Just move along.

Obama soon shuts down on his claimed authority all drilling in gulf for 6 months (even though inpections show no problems) while procrastinates on damage from the leak. We are not safe. His actions and inactions will surely surpass all the open attacks by Muslims on our country. And he golfs to unwind. May Obama's rule have a similar fate to that of Deep Horizon. May it come soon.


  1. One might think that failure is the goal. If so, the Obama Admin has achieved it.

  2. claimed authority.." good one !! (-:

    bho and his goons continually usurp the Constitutional limitations...w/ no out-cry from the RINOS...

  3. I no longer call them RINOS. Most from both parties are blatantly against the Constitution so from now on I will call the AntiCons. Party at this point is irrelevant.

  4. January 15 - April 21: The State of New Jersey's pension system gradually sells BP stock, liquidating half of their holdings by the 21st of April, the day of the explosion, gaining for the state $5.5 million. BP chief Tony Hayward sells a third of his stocks in BP, saving him $613,096. Goldman Sachs saves $96 million by dumping 44% of BP stocks before the disaster.

    And on April 12th, Halliburton unexpectedly confounds experts by buying Boots & Coots, an experienced oil control company, which, oddly enough, became a very good investment a matter of one week later.