Monday, June 28, 2010

NRA uses carving knife to cripple Liberty!

NRA Issues Gag Order to Its Board Members on Elena Kagan

Not one more penny, ever... EVER!


  1. As a former-Life member of the NRA I agree. Not a penny since 1994.

    Going to link this too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The NRA insists it is using the narrow focus --- gun rights and nothing else. They claim the DISCLOSE Act deal never happened, but they also point out they are a gun rights group. The explanation seems a little shortsighted, but not a betrayal.

    They have performed well on gun rights, both nationally and at the state level. But we could still lose that one.

    Be careful we of the loyal opposition are not being split up by skillful left wing propaganda. It is very important only to pick as targets people who actually seek to impose government control on a free people. There will time enough to straighten out the NRA after the victory is won.

  3. Bolt Face... thanks for stopping by. The NRA began life as a safety/competition group in the 1800s. Over the years it has merged into a rights organization. Like others fighting for it's members, it needs due paying members for it's very survival. As such it needs to perpetuate fights to garner money to payfor mega salaries and lavish digs. OK, that maybe overly simplistic. There are good people who belong to it. But most of their board (who are paid) are not those though. They have a shady history when it comes to landmark gun laws. Their support of 1968 is one. There are others.

  4. I understand your anger, Rattler. They also are preparing to endorse Harry Reid, supposedly.

    I also understand Bolt Face's explanation. They are a narrowly focused lobbying organization, and they've got to "spread it around." Also, some democrats, (John Dingell) and big-time gun advocates. Constantly thumbing their noses at only Democrats would not serve the membership and organization's goals.

    Having said that, it is still misguided on a higher, philosophical level. A man who would take away your right to take care of your own health care would also take away your right to own a gun. All Progressive urges spring from the same poisoned well.

  5. thanks to your warning on a previous post-I did not re-new my NRA membership---
    I'll be sending this - as a link to my e-mail list of NRA members...