Tuesday, June 22, 2010

52 shot (8 dead) across Chicago this weekend

OK... another 2A rant. Without going into the details it is fair to assume that Chicago needs more gun laws. How else can this be explained. Violent crime can be cured with more restrictions. Right?

The truth is, Chicago/Illinois already has the most restrictive laws in the nation regarding handgun ownership and possession. So with all of these restrictions and the mayor crying for more...  places like say Burlington, Vermont with virtually no gun laws should be coined the modern day killing fields. Right?

Well this weekend there were none. No murders or even shooting I could find. Ok, Ok there is a difference of populations. Roughly 5.2 million for Chicago (and surrounding areas. 210k for Burlington (and surrounding areas). So 210 times 52 divided by 5,200......  they should of had 2.1 shootings. And since it is the wild west (east) out there with anyone 16 and older allowed to carry a handgun concealed without (WITHOUT) a permit...  it should of been in the 100's... just for this weekend. I'm sure there were disputed little league games, fender benders, a low golf score and maybe even a chili cook off that the losers disagreed with. We're constantly told an unrestricted population will turn to gun violence to solve every altercation and dispute. Right?

In 2005 Vermont had a total of 8 murders... the entire state had a total of 8 murders and not all were firearm related. That's just a PMS weekend in the land of Obama. Yet they will look you in they eye and claim more laws and even bans are needed to be safer. The 2A... well that was for the military. Even the U.N. wants them banned. Because we are told guns are not meant for the little folk. Protection is the government's job. We need to trust them. Right?

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