Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama only spent 20 minutes in meeting with BP CEO

My wife heard that on the news this morning and not being one to hold back her opinion... yelled at the tv,

"20 minutes? That's a good crap and a magazine!"

Yes, that sums it up well.

And yes, that's about how much effort Bling'O' is putting into this. What will our republic look like in 2012 if our emperor is allowed to continued unchecked down this path? Now we can restore... then we'll have to rebuild.



  1. I still can't believe I think this. But, I want to wake up tomorrow to find out Joe Biden has been sworn in as President.

  2. from past post-thank you for the heads up on the NRA's 'waffle' on Amendment I--you posted it just before my membership was due-I did not re-new--
    Mark Levin discussed it today on his radio show...