Thursday, June 10, 2010

I really don't like this guy...


  1. That sums it up. I think this oil spill will end him. To many people (regardless of political beliefs) are ticked.

  2. whenever I see bho on TV I must change the channel..I cannot bear to look at his face nor hear his voice--
    I do believe that he is the personification of the slow slide that has been occurring in our great country for 80+ years...
    BTW-re' your post below this one--I'm glad someone else has their 'little talks with Jesus'..I do!!!esp. when my frustration gets high...I -too-always get an answer - the 'still - small voice...'

  3. Barry is a sick twisted un-American piece of garbage . Period!

  4. Trestin - Unfortunately he is the master of deflecting responsibility... while still having a good time.

    CS - Yes, at least with him on tv so much I have been able to do more reading. God has tried the little voice but usually my thick skull (and will) requires a brick to get His point across!

    Deb - O is just part of the trash heap. This country just keeps turning it over rather than burying it all. O that smell...

  5. obama is truly a piece of Kenyan garbage. He's not my president and he's certainly not my Commander-in-Chief. He's no less than the "Manchurian Candidate" and the ass clowns that support him are enemies of the American Republic !

    The sooner this POS is gone, along with his ever growing government of minions, the better.

    Buy more ammo and spare parts for your weapons.