Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's a state to do?

Living in California it is really hard for me to point out the splinters in the rest of the nation's eyes when we have some freakishly large redwood logs in ours. So goes our election for governor this year.

Leading on the left we have a liberal retread from the 70's, Moon Pie Jerry Brown. A 70 year old brain dead hippie who gets to circumvent the two term rule because his two term reign ended before term limits here took place. His plan... destroy the free market here faster than "O".  He has personally cost me thousands of dollars over marxist carbon credit offset crap he alone has invented. Also as attorney general he is the poster child for the aclu. Criminals and perverts love this state.

On the right... Oh what a tangle web we.... you get the point. Poizner and Whitman. Poizner is just a thinner Arnold without the accent. And Whitman is the terminator wannabe with a lower voice. Side note... Poizner gave Al Gore $10k for his election in 2000 and was in favor making it easier for the state to raise property taxes. Whitman is seen on tape praising the work of our communist green czar Jones. Said she looked forward to working with him. She did not create ebay as she brags. They simply hired her for the tax break and pr. Meeting payroll means more when it's your money. She's always been put in charge of strong companies... and watched closely by the boards.

Together these three will be spending $10's of millions over the next few months confusing and confounding the masses. This is California... they could confuse this state for a lot less.

If you look at my side bar you'll see an ad I placed for Larry Naretelli for Governor.  I REFUSE to throw my vote away for the sake of party. Thankfully I will not have to. In pasts posts I talked about We the People and how important it is to have a citizen government. Larry is not part of the establishment. Like us, he's part of the foundation.

Check Larry out at Read his platform. Common Sense for a confused capitol. The basics... it's as simple as that. But as with parting the Red Sea... it's bigger than us. Recently ICausus endorsed Larry for Governor. ICaucus has taken the lead in national grass root politics to search out those candidates who walk the talk... and know what they hell they're talking about.

The primary is just a few months away. It's all or nothing for me. Time to cowboy up. Remeber, we'll be the first one the nation has to bail out if we screw this up... then again, it may be too late. I'd like to save you from that. So would Larry.


  1. Man, I thought it sucked to be me, seeing the canidate choices I have in Georgia. But I ain't got nothing on you, the Dems are progressives, and the Repubican are a lighter version of it.

    My advice, if you can is, move the hell out. I know that sounds flipped, but if you could then do so.

  2. 48 years of roots are hard to transplant. I have been different places but this is home. California is gold... it's just covered in crap right now. The tea party movement is strong right now. Hopefully we can turn the tide. If not, the family came from Texas 100 years ago. Maybe it's time to go back.

  3. R-30 years - here in CA - from the Detroit area!--my friends bought homes in Texas several years ago - they wished to retire there-encouraged me to do the same--
    N0-I said-I love CA--
    kick :-) hind-sight is 20 20...Texas is looking better and better!!!