Monday, March 1, 2010

Gun control and the NRA...

NRA fights for gun control!

My preceding post described the battle at hand with the Supreme Court. One of the links I recommended concerns how the NRA has pushed it's way into the mix. It is interesting that in the last 2A case... Heller, that the NRA argued that the court should NOT be too quick in returning freedom to the citizenry. Yes the NRA fought for keeping much of the gun control that it has helped progressives enact over the last 80 years or so.


The NRA needs gun laws to stay in business. It needs membership dues to pay for it's mega million dollar headquarters and lush payroll. IT IS A BUSINESS that needs an oppressed citizenry to remain in power. Very much the same way that progressives need the oppressed to be able to thump their chests and claim they are here for them.

The saying is we can know who they are by their actions. What they argue tomorrow will not go unnoticed. Please, instead of boasting "I'm the NRA", it's time to proclaim, "I'm an American!"
Who is looking out for who? More to come...


  1. Wow Rattler. I've said something like this many times about how the right needs abortion to remain legal to remain relevant with evangelicals. But I hadn't thought about the NRA angle and gun rights.

    Good show dude.

  2. 101, I can always tell when there's a repeat of Oprah or Springer on because you tend to wander.

    Please note that there is a huge difference in my defending our God given right to protect life and your pretense of a government right to murder life One of us one day will be held accountable for our beliefs.

  3. Thank you SOOOOOOO much for the heads up!!!and my NRA member $$$ are soon due ---
    Follow the $$$$ extends to everything...I guess...

    Truth101-Truthfully-my board and I would fold LA Lutherans for Life in a NY minute - if abortion
    were no more...

  4. I've been trying to educate people on the nature of the NRA, as any other large group.

    They need something to stay in business, just like the NAACP, who needs phony racist claims to remain relevent.

  5. C-CS There are good people in the NRA. But they started as a gun safety organization that morphed into politics. It is a shame.

    Scalawag... It is hard to convince people to the obvious. History does not lie until it is re-written.