Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Saddened and Outraged...

Most have heard about the Chelsea King murder in Southern California. It happened very close to where I live.  Today they found her body. And my heart aches for the King family. As the father of a high school boy, I can not imagine the anguish.

But I am also filled with rage... not only at the maggot that did this but the system that allowed it to happen. We were warned that this boil was a danger and should never go free. Yet he was released after serving only half of his sentence.  They now say he tried this last December at the same park and very well could be the involved in a number of missing teen girl cases in the San Diego area.

Bureaucracy cares more for granting rights to sub humans than protecting it's citizens.

No more.

An eye for an eye. And that includes the judges. politicians and boards that allow this. This is on their hands. Every stinkin one of them.

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  1. My sincerest condolences to the King Family. We lost a beautiful high school girl in our state just recently too. She was last seen leaving her work and found dead in the Columbia River area three days later. I do not think they have found the pond scum responsible for her murder yet. Once we begin to execute a few of these maggots we may possibly see a reduction in this type of behavior.