Friday, April 3, 2009

Trash Talk

At 47, born in 1961, I have had a pretty good life. I was too young for Vietnam and actually just too blind to serve anyways. I have not had to defend my country as so many have. As such I am in awe of those who have served. But... I am... PROUD of my country and will NOT apologize for the grace and blessings God has given us. We are a GREAT country. We are GREAT people. I am embarrassed, ashamed and just disgusted with the guy in the white house. How dare he ask for forgiveness from the world for our actions. What actions? From saving their asses over and over. From doing the right thing when no one else would stand up?

He said we have not looked to Europe enough for answers. What answers? They have screwed themselves over ten fold. And now we should emulate them? He spewed... "Our country is arrogant" "the US had often behaved arrogantly towards Europe, "been dismissive, even derisive"..."There's plenty of blame to go around for what has happened. The United States certainly shares the blame ... We've just emerged from an era marked by irresponsibility." (I would say his reign has just created a new one) Just wondering if he's getting his talking points... from the Dixie Chicks? Chavez? His wife? Really... where would this world be without us and I mean the US.

Obama's Bow to Saudi King

No American is supposed to bow down to any foreigner. We should always stand tall and shake hands. But maybe he was just acknowledging a superior fellow muslim.

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