Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing new under the sun

20 years or so before the Declaration of Independence, things looked kinda similar to now. England had just finished fighting a costly war with France and was looking for a way to pay off it's debts and refill it's coffers. The colonies of New England seemed ideal. A source of revenue from one group of people for the direct benefit of another. Hmm, a little income distribution. Spreading the wealth. At first there were just moans and groans. But with every increase, voices began to be raised. Voices that contained words such as tyranny. Men began to realize that freedom was in direct proportion to the amount of taxes placed upon their labor. Not really a problem for the rich, they always had enough money to somehow circumvent the law. And not a worry for the poor because how can you give what you don't have. But the majority in the middle felt the burden. Those are the hearts that began to burn.

Today we face a greater amount of taxation than ever before. Sales tax, property tax, phone tax, utility tax, income tax... it goes on and on. But... a new tax will soon affect EVERYTHING. All in the name of saving our planet. Cap and Trade. Our modern day Stamp Act. A tax of buying credits for...? A tax on nothing but a concept. A tax on things unseen. Junk science. But none the less, a tax. Loved by democrats and many republicans. An unlimited amount of control... and suppression.

But only if we let it. This is where the fight begins. When our food goes up 50%. Our energy doubles. Some things triple. Our duty to save the planet by paying more taxes. To get on board and be patriotic.

Unfortunately then... cap and trade may mean... lock and load.

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