Monday, April 27, 2009

Just words?

This morning the guy in the white house was speaking to the National Academy of Sciences in Washington. He made a statement that has stuck with me all day. In his speech he said "of the boundless hope so essential not just to the scientific enterprise but to this experiment we call America."

An experiment called America.

America... a test... a trial... a theory?
Is our country an experiment? Our constitution nothing more than a laboratory?

The guy in the white house has said before that our constitution and the founders were flawed. That the results achieved so far are unsatisfactory. I guess it just depends upon the results you are looking for.

I on the other hand believe that our constitution is a proven and solid foundation. The experiment has come with it's progressive interpretation and liberal legislation. From that hypothesis, we have failed... not it. We have let them experiment with a proven recipe and now it tastes pretty bad. Kinda like taking vanilla and adding... pickles and chicken liver.

Now what? Try something different? Here's something new... maybe it's time to get back to the basics... something we know works. But there I go. Longing for vanilla.

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