Thursday, April 9, 2009

Divided we fall

I went to the coast yesterday to pick up my income taxes from my accountant. I came across an older Volvo (a highly desired liberal car, I'm not sure why), with "a guy in the white house" sticker and one that said "Celebrate Diversity".

Diversity is an interesting word. One of those words that have taken on a progressive meaning of being tolerant and acceptant of everyone. It actually means division or divided. When I was growing up our country was always described as the 'great melting pot'. It is the term used to describe what makes America great. A melting pot is different than... a stew pot. With stew you are just combining ingredients and cooking them together. You still have your meat and potato and carrots all separate. In a melting pot, everything put in is joined together as one. This is what makes steel stronger by the addition of certain metals to the iron ore. The same goes for concrete. But if for some reason the ingredients are not completely mixed, it is actually weekend and will fail when stressed.

The foundation of our country is like this. It's composed of certain principles that our founders carefully put together. No apology, we are founded on Judea/Christian beliefs. Sorry Mr O. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are our cornerstone and rock. And it is we the people who give this nation it's strength. When many or our ancestors came here from other countries and cultures they jumped head first into the melting pot... not the stew. They became American. They learned English, embraced our history, followed our laws and believed in the meaning of our constitution... and became American. NOT an Irish-American. Not a German-American. And not a Diverse-American. They were Americans.

Today you can see how fractured we have become. I have no problem with those who want to come here to melt with us. And become us. Legally. But those that want to change us with new beliefs, with failed ideology and with diversity, they will one day destroy us. But, ONLY if we continue to allow our country to simmer. We can turn up the heat again. We must. We are seeing it now with the rallies going on through our land. Celebrate diversity? Only with the food I eat, the music I listen to and when choosing the car I want to drive. Other than that... I will not.

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