Monday, August 30, 2010

White privilege....

On Saturday's Restoring America Rally, Alveda King during her prayer spoke of her dreams. One was of her hope "that white privilege would become human privilege." In retrospect, at Obama's coronation he had a minister pray that he hoped "whites would do what is right." Is the race card different coming from a black conservative vs a liberal one? I find it offensive either way. Along with the sharpton show later that day, it does show that racism is more alive today than ever. The problem is it is now 180 degrees from 47 years ago.

Am I missing something?


  1. Negro people felt as if they needed to be empowered by white people and they were. A 1/2 black president presides over the nation. Yet they are still unhappy, still call for affirmative action, etc.

    And I am disposed to ignore them as a general group because they've made all their whining invalid with the present situation.

  2. except for blacks roaming various State Fairs saying 'Kill Whitey' - as they did in Ohio this year and did for years in Detroit (that State Fair is no longer -because of it)...just a couple of examples...
    that saying-I do -now ignore the "I'm a victim.." race baiting ..
    as long as they don't come after my 'white' kid!!

  3. There is now a black President, but the black community seems unable to handle both power and freedom. Sad.

  4. It amazes me that a black person who is productive, educated,and hard working is a sell out Uncle Tom.

    While one living in poverty, taking welfare,and living in the projects is not a sell out.

    There lies your problem. The slave mentality, but instead of a plantation it is the govenement that is their master they must obey and defend.

    Those who are productive are treated as run away slaves,and the conservatives - ironicly once again - are the abolistions of this form of slavery, as they were the former version of it.