Monday, August 9, 2010

Just like us... a piece of cake for you?

My family and I (together... it is never separate, it's kinda why I married her 18 years ago and with the kids... well they are our kids... and we are... I think the word is family), have taken only one vacation this year. We have had cut back like many. We went camping in the desert for 4 days. Yes it was in our motor-home that we make payments on. In the process we used a total of 70 gallons of greenhouse warming fossil fuel... as well as burning 3 nights of firewood. With food, supplies and extras... it cost us about $500... or $125 a day.  We had to budget and rearrange a couple of accounts to make it happen. We rationalized that our boys are only young once. And we might not be able to do another trip for a while.
Kinda like the first family and their vacation(s)... minus the fact that they did theirs apart (can you feel the love?)... minus the 65+ support staff (we do our own packing, cooking, repairs, cleaning, driving, etc.)... minus a security force of over 1,000 agents (I carry my own :) thank you)... minus some 40+ friends who I guess all just lost their fathers and needed to get away (we did bring our new dog)... minus the military escort, which included dozens of other planes including a C130 to carry the limo and makeup bag (I towed a trailer and had to... with pleasure... set everything up and dig the fire pit.)... and... we had to share the desert without part of it being closed off for our personal/private use.
Her vacation is said to cost about $75,000 a day... BULL CRAP! Air Force One cost some $75,000 AN HOUR!!! A conservative estimate.... over $5,000,000 for her alone. Add O's little birthday trip heading the other direction and it was one big fricken slap to you and I.
They say they are one of us, the common people. Their arrogance is absurd. And please don't say Bush did...  . What the Bushes did were to go home to Crawford for extended periods and work... not play golf, not shoot hoops with the brothers. He had enough problems but playing royalty wasn't one of them.
Unlike this Estrogen Metro Male wannabe king and his family of leaches.


  1. Proof positive there is a right wing cabal Rattler. I just read a letter to the editor from one of the usual right wingers that said virtually the same thing you just posted.

    C'mon man. You're better than to just post the talking point of the day from the reich masters.

  2. Unlike your VP, my work is all original unless I state otherwise. Unlike your following, I pay taxes so it's a little more personal to me than I guess for you. I'm sure you're proud of your king and queen.

  3. You can spend 75k/day on a Knob Creek vacation, depending on what you bring to play with...that's why the quad Ma Deuce I know of on a trailer mount is still for sale...the people that can afford to buy it can't afford to play with it effectively. Even with a rate reducer at 450RPM x 4, ~5 bucks a round, it gets spendy to play for very long. If barrels didn't need cooling off, it's a potential 12,000/minute recreation. For the same reason, a 7.62 mini-gun I know of that's for sale has been for sale for a LONG time.

    What would piss me off was seeing the "Royal Family" at Knob Creek burning .mil ammo...

  4. It's time for a change so we can restore HOPE-isn't it Rattler?!!!!
    We went on a 2-1/2 day "vacation"-WOW--

  5. Amen buddy, I've been saying this all along.

  6. Rattler: these sponges in the White House currently have never earned a private sector living (other than Barry's brief foray into 'the enemy camp'), but rather have always been laying sideways in the public trough. I am still curious as to who paid for Obama's Harvard tuition, that place ain't cheap.

    And I might suggest you underestimated your vacation expenses by excluding the costs of your motorhome: gas is not the only thing that goes into maintaining these units. Depending on how old it is, there's depreciation, maintenance, payments, interest, storage, etc.

    Not that I'm nit picking, Rattler. Your point is still highly valid, but the vacation cost per day ratio is slightly different, now that you include some additonal prorated costs for the RV:

    Moochelle's daily rate: $1,500,000 (might be low)
    Rattler's daily rate: $144/day

    Now we can do the math....;-)

  7. Hi Fredd. Thanks for the reply. I do know what the RV costs me per day. I'm just so upside down I try to block it from my mind;) I pay about $33 dollars a day, traveling or not. Yes, in a year that is a lot for me and my family. About 9 minutes for Air Force One though. The whole point I was stressing, and I know you picked up on it, is I pay for my time away from my labor. The scum in Washington... I also pay for from my labor. It is going to stop. One way or another.