Monday, August 23, 2010

Lame Duck Hunting Season Coming....

A quote I read was "congressmen who lose their election will no longer be accountable to the people in a lame-duck session."

No longer accountable...?

Mass-ass kerry went so far to say, "If it is after the election, it may well be that some members are free and liberated and feeling that they can take a risk or do something."

I guess if their oath and duty to the constitution ends before they leave office... then the very rule of law that protects them from... say... lame duck hunting season should end. Are they not directly attacking the will of "We the People" and thus committing treason? Isn't the $1,000's each of us will be forced to pay for another socially engineering program like cap and trade, just robbery. It's really no different than being held up after cashing our paycheck. And then again it's not much different from days long ago when outlaws stole your horse. Today they justify these thefts because you really shouldn't have too many horses... too big of house... too many cars... too much money... when some poor (lazy) soul down the street has less than you. Now what did they do to horse thieves again?

YES! Thieves should get what they deserve. So should traitor politicians.

Now it's not that any of these wack jobs have ever adhered to their oath. Most democrats, many republicans and all elected independents, hate the Founder's vision of America. They are  narcissistic elitists.  They are also an enemies and threats to the republic.

Come November 3rd, we'll be watching. Lame-Duck Session may just become Lame-Duck Season! Your move nancy!


  1. I'm still worried about how they don't seem to care about the poll.

  2. We - the 'little people' - have let them- ' the royals' - take our nation--and I'm not just talking the Dems!

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