Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This guy is an idiot!

You know when you go to Drudge in the morning and in the first few headlines Harry Reid's name shows up... The conservative movement grows a little more stronger. Nevada, Nevada, Nevada. Well I guess I can't talk. My state gave you all Pelosi. (PS, that was from the central part of the state).

Ole Harry yesterday... on the senate floor stated that "when men are out of work (no doubt because of the republicans...) they tend to be abusive".

Is this guy an idiot or what?


This guy is an idiot!

First thing Harry. Men are not abusive. Regardless of employment, debt, football commercials or any other crap you can come up with. These are not men. They're scum. Even with a job, those of the male chromosome that are abusive, lack the 'balls' to be real men. Scum like taking advantage of those they consider beneath them who don't or can't fight back. Kinda like the current leadership on the Hill.  When they don't get their way they do it anyways and tell us, "It's for your own good".  The thing is... we're learning to fight back and we realize our country is better than this and them. No more abuse.

My concern now...

by Reids' own dribble... I guess many in politics will be abusive starting this November. Personally I would put them all on a watch list and warn their families now.


  1. I guess Harry's wife better watch out come November

  2. your last 4 posts about said everything that I was going to say --so---I say- GOOD ON 'YA ! :-)

  3. Harry's wife beats him up, and no blame can be laid upon her.

    We're taking our country back.