Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bill of Rights... unless it's raining!

I missed his show, but Bill O'Reily stated that the feral government (I know it's misspelled but I decided to leave it)  has every right to suspend our constitution and the Bill of Rights in case of an emergency.
Isn't this the most important time to preserve these rights?

Let's see... a natural disaster happens... no law enforcement available... we are on our own. But keep your mouth shut and turn in any guns you may have...
Since my son reads this  I will keep it to pg13


O'Reily, you Neo Con Ass. You stated on your show that I did see (which will probably be the last for a while) that the feds have every right to do whatever they want to in an emergency. Sorry bub... they don't. They serve us.
They serve us!
He stated the Supreme court can step in to protect us if when the president oversteps his authority. Please. It takes 5 years and 100 lawsuits and a thousand attorneys to even raise an eyebrow. And the Supreme Court is not the final word. Three CO-EQUAL branches.  Spend a little more time reading books than writing them.

He dissed the Oath Keepers. He dissed us as free Americans. And he is an idiot.

It's not the Bill of Suggestions...
it's the Bill of RIGHTS!

and to defend it... 
"we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

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  1. The only ONE that can take away our rights is GOD. He gave them to us not the gubermint.