Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vote Early... Vote Often!

This November 2, if God so blesses us with one more chance to to redeem the republic he blessed us with, my first recomendation would be to update our voter rules and make them uniform for federal elections. Some suggestions:

• ENGLISH ONLY. No brainer. If you are a citizen with an entitlement to vote, you should be able to understand ENGLISH. California has some dozen or so options.

• SHOW ID. Certify every person. No id - no vote.

• PROSECUTE those who violate this scared, SACRED privilege. And not just a fine. But jail time. And the forfeture of future voting.

• PROTECT THE VOTE OF THE MILITARY.  Oppose this and you are just plain scum.

I have other suggeations... such as tax increases can only be voted on by those whom they may affect - like property owners.  Do you have others?


  1. I agree w/ all of those outlined and- as to property taxes being voted upon by property owners only- RIGHT ON!!!!

  2. English only is a must.

    I'd also be open to allowing only people who actually pay taxes a vote. You no pay, you have no say.

  3. I lost a bunch of followers at my old site cause I asked what's wrong with telling someone to prove they are the same one on the voting rolls.

    The tax thing got your state into trouble financially Rattler. You guys are 50 billion or more in debt and nobody wants to pay the bill.

    That's why we elect those we think are best capable of making decisions that affect all of us. We elected cowards and morons in Illinois as well so don't take this as an insult. In the final tally our problem is with punks from both sides that were afraid to tell constituents "no" and ran up huge debt and borrowed from pensions, or didn't fund them, to pay for the goodies that got them votes.

  4. Show ID to Vote is a citizen's initiative started following the primary elections in September. Concern for how candidates would fair when running against organized opponents and be able to overcome the "margin of Acorn" on November 2nd.

    Our goal is to use a simple technique of asking people to voluntarily Show ID to Vote in Massachusetts and other states that have similar lax ID rules to achieve a reasonably possible effects.
    1. Increase voter awareness of ID fraud
    2. Increase turnout of honest voters who become aware of the value of their vote
    3. Create an environment less tolerant of vote fraud
    4. Encourage citizen participation in poll observer volunteer opportunities.

    You can learn more about Show ID to Vote online at:
    and follow us on twitter

    Show ID to Vote videos are currently available at

  5. Where in the Constitution does it require English-only?