Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stand Now or Forver Bow!

The following flier I created  is an exercise of my First Amendment Right. It is not real. I am afraid that it is not a question of if - but when. Opinions? Feel free to pass it on.


  1. I've got some family in California Rattler. At least once a week I contact them through Facebook or email asking if any Gmen have come by to take their guns.

    Up to now the feds haven't. You must be doing a good job.

  2. Ask the 100's that were disarmed during and after Katrina in their homes. And that was on Bush's watch. How much more invasive will they be during our next 'crisis' under the reign of O who hates the idea of our Constitution and original intent. Oh that's right... he's your guy.

  3. It is time to organize the FREEDOM focused community..isn't it?