Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A scare tactic? Absolutely. It's not about safety or protection... never has been... regardless of what they say. It's about money. Reality is that the courts have ruled that law enforcement has no 'legal' obligation to respond to your calls anyways. We have always been on our own. More often than not they simply perform 'after the fact' reporting taking. Unless it's by entrapment for profit, they very seldom prevent ANY crime. Protection and preventing crime is up to you and I. To do so... to protect oneself... is a fundamental... God given right we need not ask permission to do. Our government (local, state and federal) can best be described as bad foster parents. They want you solely for the check that comes with you. After that, you're on your own. But that's ok. I'll give up the false security of police protection. Just don't infringe on me doing it myself. Remember... a right not exercised is a privilege that can be denied.

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  1. That's from where current Demo California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown was last in political office -- did not do much there... Had his car stolen there once while he served as mayor, as I recall...