Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Federalist California Flag

In celebration of California bucking the trend of returning to liberty and Constitutional fundamentals... I designed a new flag that I feel is a little more fitting. The new Federalist California Flag!


  1. when you put it on the market-let me know--:-)

  2. I like it, but should the bear be on his back with legs up in the air,or wearing an Ushanka?

  3. Hey there,

    Since you follow my blog, I was wondering if you might be interested in my latest post....


  4. I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran who is sick and tired of watching our political leaders, Unions and others run this great country of ours into the ground.

    Over the years I have seen our money go from being allocated under the Gold Standard to becoming nothing more than worthless pieces of paper. I have seen our political leaders send HUNDREDS of BILLION of dollars to other countries and cover it by reducing American's benefits and entitlements and by raising our taxes. I have see the Unions strike one American company after another OUT OF BUSINESS. I have seen people who have never worked a day in their worthless lives demand that the government support them.

    Whom am I and just who do I think I am? One highly pissed off AMERICAN that is exactly whom I am.

  5. If you really feel that your money consists of nothing more than worthless pieces of paper (as you so ineptly stated), then why don't you give it all away?